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Bah Cham Dao

Bah Cham Dao

The weapons forms are largely practiced to reinforce principles learned within the hand forms. While the open hand forms delivering force to the end the range of the finger tips, the weapons forms extend this force further to the end of a weapon. The weapon becomes an extension of the body. Weapons forms are also used to strengthen the forarms and wrists.

Luk Dim Poon Kwan - "The six and a half point pole"

The six and a half point pole

Chi Kwan

The Luk Dim Poon Kwan is a very long pole (9-13 ft. long). It would have been a very effective weapon against cavalry. It is extremely good for building a strong "horse" stance and developing long range punching power. The pole also builds precision at the short range, as mistakes of structure are magnified by the pole.

The name "six and half point pole" is said to derive from the fact that the form contains six and half techniques. The practice of assigning names things that beg questions is a common device to promote questioning. i.e. What is a half technique?

Bah Cham Dao - "Eight Slicing Knives"

Knives vs. Pole

Bah Cham Dao vs. Luk Dim Poon Kwan

The Bah Cham Dao are two short broad-bladed swords. The swords train precision and "fierceness". They also help in the development of the punch and footwork. This form is not general knowledge.